Gyftd Giving

Every Purchase Buys For Another

You use Gyftd’s services, and you help provide a present to underprivileged children. Full stop. No stipulations, hidden fees, or extra purchases – you buy and we provide.

From all profit we make on transactions here on Gyftd, we siphon off a percentage and put it in our Gyftd Fund until our dollar goal is met. Once met, we mass buy and ship the desired gifts to a hand selected foster home or orphanage. That way we can ensure every child gets a gift at the same time and is left feeling happy, loved, and – most importantly – not forgotten.

All of this is baked into our Gyftd fee. No need to select any extra options. You buying is already making a difference in a child’s life.

But if you feel inclined to give more, the next section will discuss just how you can put a personal touch on a gift delivered to a child. As we continue to grow, so will the number of children we can help.


— You Buy On Gyftd

Just by using our service, as is, already goes a long way in helping provide gifts for children. You buy and we take a percentage out of our profits to put toward our Gyftd Fund.


— We Hit Our Goal

Once we hit our monetary goal, we mass buy gifts for all the children in a pre-selected orphanage to ensure every child gets a gift together.


— Children Receive Gifts

We wrap and deliver the gifts to each child and start the process again with a new foster home or orphanage.

Until Our Next Gyftd Charity Release

Donation Progress

What Donations Give You

The Chance To Give A Personal Touch

This is your chance to go above and beyond and leave a lasting impact on the life of a child. During the checkout process we will give you two options: A $5 charge to include your name on a gift; any donation above $5 allows you to write a personal message with the gift.

Leave Your Name

$5 extra dollars allows you to leave your name personally on a gift so that a child will know it specially came from you!

Send A Message and See

$6+ allows you to leave a personal message on the gift and receive pictures and updates from the child when they receive the gift you got them!

The Joy of Gyftd Giving


Children Served


Foster Homes Helped


Donated in gifts

Know A Home That Could Use Help?

If you know a foster home that you think would be the perfect fit for Gyftd Giving fill out our form.

Why We Do What We Do

"Because everyone deserves to feel special - not just those that can afford it."

Everyone over here at Gyftd has been blessed. Blessed to be able to work; blessed to be able to do something we love; and blessed to have been afforded opportunities many do not receive. Why would we squander those blessings and not do something to impact others?

At Gyftd we sell happiness; we sell surprise; we sell that warm feeling on Christmas morning when you get to open gifts and are reminded your loved. For many children they do not get to wake up to that reality. Wake up to gifts under a tree and a reminder someone is thinking of them. With Gyftd they are, and if for some small time we can remind them they are loved and let them know they aren’t alone then this whole thing is worth it.

To Give Back

We have been fortunate as a business and it is only right to give back to those we can help. A gift to a child is the best way we know how!

Remind of Love

I want every child we impact to remember they are loved. They are thought of. And they are not alone. A small gift that makes a big difference.

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