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Frequently Asked Questions

General Gyftd Questions

Gyftd works by using your Gyftd DNA to select completely personalized gifts for you from across the web and concealing the selection. They are then wrapped and sent to you creating a completely customized surprise!

It happens in 3 easy steps: First, take the Gyftd Quiz to find out your Gyftd DNA. Second, select your Gyftd budget (the amount you want to spend on a surprise). Third, open your gifts and share on social media!

Your Gyftd DNA is the essence of you. It’s what makes up your likes, interests, and hobbies – both spoken and unspoken. Our team uses your Gyftd DNA to find the best gifts that will make you happy.

NO! The beauty of Gyftd is no two gifts are ever the same and our team goes to great lengths to ensure the gifts selected for you are completely personalized to you and that you have never received the gift from us before?

YES! With Gyftd you have the option to “buy for someone else” in our shop. Simply fill in the Gyftd ID of the person you wish to buy a gift for and we will take care of the rest.

At Gyftd there is no limit! You are only limited by how much or how often YOU want to receive a gift!

This allows the complete flexibility to select how often you want to be surprised on your timeline. Maybe you want a small surprise for getting through a hard week of work; or maybe you want a big surprise because you have a birthday coming up? At Gyftd, you decide.

It depends on several factors like the categories you selected, your Gyftd budget, and a few others.

Gachas are the Gyftd currency and a way to reward you for using the site!

You can receive Gachas several ways but the two ways that give you the most gachas are inviting new users to the site and buying surprises on Gyftd.

Gachas can be used to buy full Gyftd surprises! To use Gachas to pay for an order, complete the steps to buy a Gyftd Surprise and at the checkout page select “Pay with Gachas.”

YES! Gyftd rewards those who spread the excitement of the site. By inviting enough users to sign-up for Gyftd, you could theoretically never have to spend a dime! Congrats to you!

Delivery Questions

An order can be expected to be received as soon as a week and as late as two weeks.

If you do not receive your order, let our customer caretakers know ASAP! Fill out the form above and we will reach out.

Because we know not receiving your surprise is a bummer, if you reach out to us we will award you 50 free gachas for the inconveinece as we figure out where your surprise is located.

Our customer happiness is the name of the game and we want to make we are delivering the biggest and best surprises we can. If, for whatever reason, you do not like your gifts please let us know by filling out our form above. We also provide in each delivery your receipt to ensure you are able to return or exchange your gift if you so choose.

If you received a damaged product please fill out a contact form above. We provide all of our customers with a receipt of their order which they may use to return items.