Our Mission

“To give everyone the joy of surprise, one gift at a time.”

Gyftd strives to revive the surprise of gift giving

To us, life is about the little surprises. It’s about that small joy of finding a dollar on the ground, the warmth you feel when a long-lost friend reaches out, or the excitement of coming home to a package at the door. With everything going on in our daily lives, Gyftd works to wrap up joy and deliver it on demand.

Many things have contributed to losing the surprise of holidays and gift giving. Maybe it’s growing up & requesting specific gifts or maybe its gifts getting spoiled by the internet. Regardless of the reason, Gyftd was created to reinvent gift giving and revive the surprise in every day.

Gyftd allows you to order gifts right to your doorstep. Every step of the process is entirely customizable: from being able to determine your own budget to quizzes that will help match gifts to whoever will receive the package. Behind the scenes, our team works to match your quiz results with top brands in every category, while still being able to ensure that the gift is a great match for whoever it is going to. The best part is that the gift will be purely a surprise for everyone until the moment it is opened.


Surprises Sent


Expert Staff

The Values That Guide Us

Gyftd is led by four core statements that permeate in all we do. Our vision is to be the world’s most innovative and comprehensive spreader of joy

Serve the world, not ourselves

Each decision made is first met with the question of how can this benefit others?

Innovate at every step

Boldly push our company and the experience we deliver our customers to new heights.

Put people above all else

Our customers and employees are humans first. Treat them with the respect and decency they deserve.

The small impacts the big

Succeed in the small details and the rest will follow. We will never skip a step or gloss over a detail.

Gyftd Giving

At Gyftd, we want to ensure that we spread exhilaration and joy of gift giving with all, so we launched Gyftd Giving to deliver warmth and happiness to those who may not always receive holiday gifts.

Where Your Money Goes

Gyftd partners with various group homes and family shelters to deliver gifts for children. We wish to reimagine the joy of holidays for everyone, even if their special days may look a little different.

01. Buy From Gyftd

10% of every Gyftd purchase is collected into the Gyftd Giving fund. We believe the small gestures leave the biggest impact, so while purchasing for your loved ones you are also supporting and serving children in need.

02. Purchase For Our Partners

Once our donation goal is met, we purchase the dream gifts that each child in our partner’s facility has picked out.

03. Deliver The Surprise

After all gifts have been purchased, we hand-deliver the presents to the children and celebrate the joy of seeing that every day can be a holiday.

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